Transferring Lucas to the CFC team.

Posted on 2022-07-04 by FiroFiend
Status: Seeking community approval
Target: 2500.0 FIRO ➞ 7099.05 USD

With Consultation with other CFC members. We propose Lucas Fullam transfer from working as a community manager for the development team. To a community mananger for the CFC, mirroring the terms and conditions Lucas had previously with the Dev team. Renumeration is $2500 per month. Also do not send payment to the below address. aDZBv7ykBqEbrtAHEUgi6zi9Rijrt5VaTe

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MrVollgas 2022-07-05 11:38 please add the link to the forum thread for discussion reply
reuben [admin] 2022-07-04 14:55 The target should be 2500 USD not 2500 FIRO :) reply