Firo Core Team Donation Drive

Posted on 2022-04-19 by reuben
Status: Seeking funding

Target 2000.0 FIRO ➞ 3655.5 USD
Funded 0 %
0 individual contributions

0 FIRO Raised (2000.0 FIRO until goal)

0 FIRO Paid out (0.0%)

0 FIRO Available for payout :-)

Donation address:

As disclosed in our Firo Core Team Finances and Expense Report the core team is operating at a slight deficit due to the recent price drop.

Any Firo collected will be used to fulfil any contractors/staff accepting Firo for payment and will not be sold on the market.

By donating, you are giving the core team full discretion in how to utilize these funds as long as they are not sold on the market.

If you wish to donate in other currencies, the following are our addresses (but won't be reflected in the FCS).

  • ETH or USDT/BUSD/USDC: 0xea9acc8d5eb5471cc300d8c7ed4a0e656491bf56
  • BNB or USDT/BUSD/USDC: 0xea9acc8d5eb5471cc300d8c7ed4a0e656491bf56
  • Bitcoin: 1Drru91xhBUwjN2Y2PajqBea4T7coFuqRX
  • Bitcoin Cash: 1Drru91xhBUwjN2Y2PajqBea4T7coFuqRX

If you have donated and wish to be recognized, please do DM reuben on the forums or e-mail at reuben [a] Donators of more than 10 FIRO will be given priority to the upcoming Firo Foxes NFT project with a special exclusive trait.

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